May I introduce Conny! I was born September 17 in 1987. Since then my mother, my father and I lived in Frauenfeld for three years. In July 1990 we moved to Heiterschen, a little nice village near Wšngi, between Frauenfeld and Wil, in the east of Switzerland.


For all Irish people: ńtsch, we have mountains, forests and chocolate! ;-)


On July 30, 1990, I got my sister Jasmin. I like her very much, but I just know it, since I did my foreign language course in Ireland for four weeks, where I had nobody than my schoolmate Jonas to talk Swiss German. But I almost never saw him. No matter. By the way, my school decided in January 2004 that all commercial secondary students have to absolve this course. Unless they donít, they mustnít be certified to the diploma final examination. =(

But I may, because I passed my four weeks. I have to say that it was a great time, I knew a lot of new things, I recognized how much I like my mother, my sister, my friends and colleagues and how much I love Switzerland. All this I didnít know and for me it was a super experience, also I missed almost everything in my normal life and sometimes I was really sad.

Although now, when Iím back, I request a little bit that it is already over. What should I do. I purpose to go to Canada next year if I have enough money, because I have to use my knowledge in the English language unless I donít improve it.


If you ask how I look: Iím 1.60m short, have middle long hair (it has uncountable a lot of colours!), gray eyes and a sweet smile. *g*

So, Iím trying to describe my character that isnít easy. I am a bit through-slammed, I often do what nobody expects, I laugh a lot, I am quite lovely an I live with the slogan: If you want to do sth, youíll do it now, otherwise you have missed the opportunity.


What is really important for me, thatís my mountainbike. You may recognized it because I spent a subpage for my hobby. Therefore I wonít write more because you can read it there.


There is also something I need to live: music. Wherever I am, I need it. Probably I couldnít live without it, but at the moment it isnít a problem. When I am not just a foreign country, I visit the MV Wšngi. I play the 2nd cornet (for all who donít know this musical instrument, it looks like a little trumpet). I enjoy living my passion.


My music style is (hard-)rock, metal and ska. I like The Hooters, HIM, Foo Fighters, Nightwish, Keane, Natasha Bedingfield, Open Season (live!) and The Darkness.


I think, what you want to know sure, that are my hobbies: biking, music, friends/colleagues, my hamsters *sweet*, going out, shooting, computer, making shit and learning.


I love watching breakdance!


My favourite films are Postman and Der Mann in der eisernen Maske. I find films like The Scorpion King or Robin Hood cool. Important are two things: A lot of action and beautiful menÖ *g*



What should be added: I am not good, occasionally Iím quite imprudent, I have a stubborn head, if I donít wanna do anything, you wonít get it from me and I never do unnecessary things. :-D


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