In der 2. Oberstufe mussten wir mal einen Französisch-Vortrag über eines unserer Hobbies halten. Für mich gabs – wie immer – nur ein Thema: le VTT! Leider finde ich den Text nicht mehr.
Ist ja auch egal, denn - hurra! - im Englisch kam der gleiche Auftrag nochmals, diesmal in Englisch. Das ist auch viel besser, denn ihr versteht wohl eher Englisch als Französisch?! (gell Dominik *g*)


My lecture talks about my favourite sport

I love the Mountainbiking (ride a bicycle any ground). Each mark is it an adventure. With each travel is it as again born. Simply madly, how one the wind in the hair blows, one ever faster becomes. One thinks of nothing more, one is one with the bike, everything can for one stay robbed.

With me is it like that. If I have a big problem or I am furios about something, which crashes me nearly, then I knock off, go away, am unattainably. Then nobody knows more, where I am. It is really laid-back, when I am  very far from my home and then calls my mobile telephone and my mother will know, where I am. Then I can say, sorry, I am thirty kilometers far away from home.

The luxuriantest at this sport are the speed, to want to become ever faster; the risk to go to over your borders; the reason, which leaves you.

I believe, without my bike I shall die, then I should have a so big longing after that, I don`t want to live without it. I should be very miserably. Yes, and if I ask my friends: What belongs now to me? Then their answer is completely simple: The Mountainbiking!

Hm, I think, no, I know that I will never get over this sport. Who felt once this feeling, always longs itself for it.







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