Here’ll come the description of my sweet and only sister Jasmin Ramona Jacomet. I never knew how much I like her until I spent four weeks far away from home in Dublin. It was great, the city exciting - but my sister wasn't there.

She is very interested in make-up, totally opposite of me. *g* Her hair is short - at the moment not really good cut, because the hair dresser had a bad day, so she has to walk along with non symmertrical hair. Nevertheless, she looks nice. We have not very much in common - we both enjoy staying with friends, watching DVD, holidays and Internet.



Now, her hair is even shorter. But I arrived at home just two days ago, so I hadn't the time to take a  photo about her. Don't worry, it will come soon (in one or two months... =) ).


Hm, I think, I should give her the exercise to write about herself... *g*



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